Preparing for traffic spikes and unexpected load

Single Server Deployments

Single server solutions are sized out and provisioned with a specific amount of RAM, CPU processing power, storage, caching technologies and CDN based on requirements.  While vertical scaling (adding more RAM/CPU) can help in certain cases, Magento often functions at optimal speeds when scaled horizontally (adding more machines to the pool of resources).  JetRails dedicated server environments are built to handle these scenarios with limited or no impact to web visitors.

Migration Process

Read about planning and the exact steps taken for a seamless migration.


3 steps to prepare documentation consisting of a roadmap and pricing.

Key Elements

Each environment is built with these battle tested features.

Dedicated Server Overview
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Have Other Requirements?

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View clustered solutions for stores that get more than 400 concurrent visitors or have high database load.

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View AWS solutions for stores that have unpredictable traffic patterns and workloads.