Mission Critical Environments For Magento

Top 3 Environments

There are many hosting options available such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, dedicated cluster, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and several others which I will not focus on.  For security, performance and management reasons, here are the top 3:

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High Power & Cost Effective

Single Tenant Server - Up To 400 Concurrent Visitors (Properly Cached) & Smaller Database




Scalable & Separated Workloads

Single Tenant Cluster - Separation Of High Usage Database & Flexibility To Scale For More Traffic



AWS Cloud

Automated, Redundant & Self Healing

Single Tenant Auto-Scaling Platform For Unpredictable Traffic Patterns & Best In-Class DR 



Key Elements That All 3 Environments Have Incorporated

Combining the "best-in-breed" technologies and solving all challenges that merchants encounter. 


  • Cloudflare Pro, Business Or Enterprise - Completely managed with WAF (includes dashboard)

  • Sucuri FIM & scanning

  • Sansec eComScan

  • Least privilege access with 2FA

  • Managed network firewall

  • In-flight encryption

  • PCI Compliant out-the-box

Case Study

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Case Study

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  • Pro-active 24/7/365 NOC (All based in the USA)

  • Pro-active Account Manager

  • Development Team integrations and communication

  • Instant 24/7 phone support, email & ticketing system

  • No automated responses our outsourced support

  • 15 minute SLA standard

  • Comprehensive MSA

  • Crisis mitigation

Case Study

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Magento Specific Troubleshooting 

  • Partner approach with development teams

  • Application help (utilizing tools like New Relic)

  • Development Team integrations and communication

  • Fix 3rd party integration challenges

  • Architectural consulting

  • Assessments

  • View data sheet

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