Mission Critical Environments For Magento

Environment Selection

There are many hosting options available such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, dedicated cluster, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and several other cloud based options.  Let's focus on the top 3 solutions that have been battle tested and have a successful track record with speed, security and scalability.  

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High Power & Cost Effective

Single Tenant Server - Up To 400 Concurrent Visitors (Properly Cached) & Smaller Database




Scalable & Separated Workloads

Single Tenant Cluster - Separation Of High Usage Database & Flexibility To Scale For More Traffic



AWS Cloud

Automated, Redundant & Self Healing

Single Tenant Auto-Scaling Platform For Unpredictable Traffic Patterns & Best In-Class DR 



Key Elements That All 3 Environments Have Incorporated

Combining the "best-in-breed" technologies and solving all challenges that merchants encounter. 


  • Cloudflare Pro, Business Or Enterprise - Completely managed with WAF (includes dashboard)

  • Sucuri FIM & scanning

  • Sansec eComScan

  • Least privilege access with 2FA

  • Managed network firewall

  • In-flight encryption

  • PCI Compliant out-the-box

Case Study

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Case Study

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  • Pro-active 24/7/365 NOC (All based in the USA)

  • Pro-active Account Manager

  • Development Team integrations and communication

  • Instant 24/7 phone support, email & ticketing system

  • No automated responses our outsourced support

  • 15 minute SLA standard

  • Comprehensive MSA

  • Crisis mitigation

Case Study

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Magento Specific Troubleshooting 

  • Partner approach with development teams

  • Application help (utilizing tools like New Relic)

  • Development Team integrations and communication

  • Fix 3rd party integration challenges

  • Architectural consulting

  • Assessments

  • View data sheet

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