Dedicated Clusters For Magento

With Proactive NOC & Monitoring

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Seven Node Cluster

This cluster is designed to handle 1,600 concurrent visitors and separate database load away from the primary web servers.  Replicated database server is built for heavy reporting.  Staging server with matching configs for easy testing and deployment process.  It is built with elasticity in mind.  Additional web nodes can be added and load balanced seamlessly, without scheduling a maintenance window.

Web Servers

  • (4x) Intel Xeon E5
    (10 core / 20 threaded)

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 500GB SSD (Raid 1)

Database & Staging Servers

  • (3x) Intel Xeon E3
    (quad core)

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 500GB SSD (Raid 1)


  • Managed Backup Cluster & Firewall

  • Ubuntu/Nginx & JetRails Varnish Enterprise

  • Redis, php-fpm

  • SSH & sftp access only (no cPanel)

Pricing Details & Download

Optional Hardware

Scaling Hardware

  • Environment - $4,300 / mo.

  • Cloudflare Business - included

  • eComScan - included

  • Sucuri - included

  • Month to month service - no long term commitments

  • Onboarding with UAT - $2,500 one time cost

  • Download Dedicated Cluster pdf

  • Staging Server with matching configs

  • Replicated Database Server

  • Admin Server

  • Elasticsearch Server

  • Web Server (with load balancing)

  • Redis Server

  • Varnish Server

  • Single or multiple dedicated servers that can be added to a cluster and can range from $500 to $800 per month depending on specifications.

  • Scalable hardware can be added or removed from any cluster on a monthly basis without any long term commitments.

Migration Process


Key Elements

Read about planning and the exact steps taken for a seamless migration.

3 steps to prepare documentation consisting of a roadmap and pricing.

Each environment is built with these battle tested features.

Dedicated Cluster Overview
Video Coming Soon

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