5 Minute Help From Trusted Experts

A BIG BIG BIG thank you to everyone that is coming together to help our friends in need at this time.  Below is a list of challenges that we are working on (list is being updated daily).  Our friends have agreed to get to the root of your challenge in a 5 minute call and offer advice.  Currently, I am coordinating this effort by myself (as of 3/21/2020) and your patience with content updates is appreciated. 

Consulting - 5 minutes consults with pros to solve problems

Development - Development help from industry veterans


Fraud - Eliminate click fraud and spend money on only ads that work

Hosting Relief Program - Add more management while lowering costs

Integrations - Sync ecommerce, ERP, POS & 3PL

Marketing - Give you customers what they really want right now

PPC - Only pay for clicks that convert

Reporting - Eliminate garbage data and measure valuable KPIs

Reviews - Get reviews out there quickly

Search - Fast site search to get items in cart quickly

Security - Sucuri, Cloudflare, Sanguine Security, NOC Services

Slack Channel - Partner slack channel to help people quickly is in the works
OTHER:  More help is coming and will be added to this list shortly.

If you are an expert in your field and can help, join the effort here: